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Sumatran Wedding Box

Sumatran Wedding Box

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Sumatran wedding box, possibly antique. Traditionally given at weddings in Sumatra w gifts inside, these boxes are made from hand woven reeds + are completely covered in intricate bead work. This one also has cowrie shell decoration.

History! Indonesia is a large archipelago situated between Papua New Guinea and Malaysia. The location + the diverse natural resources prompted cultural contact, along with influences from both India + China, but despite these interactions, many native cultures + traditions remain largely intact in Indonesia. The earliest glass beads in Indonesia came from Chinese + Indian traders. Glass beads are considered to be heirlooms in many Indonesian cultures, + they hold great importance for their owners. Europeans who wanted to control the Indonesian spice trade (the Portuguese were the first to reach the islands) began to import large numbers of glass seed beads into the region in the 16th century, + beadwork was incorporated into Indonesian arts + crafts. These goods were used in ritual + ceremonial events, along with traditional food, music, + costume, becoming part of the customs of various cultures.

One event that often involved beadwork goods in Indonesia was the wedding. Baskets were filled with gifts, often of food or cloth, + were presented to the newly married couple. These baskets, which are covered with glass seed beads + shells, are beautiful receptacles for such gifts. Today, these wedding baskets are no longer fashionable, + they are used infrequently.

Please keep in mind, all of my items are vintage pieces. This means they are NOT new + most of my items are decades old. They may show natural signs of wear + age. I do my best to list any + all flaws in the item description. However, I may overlook small flaws. Please inspect all product photos before purchasing.

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