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Fratelli Fanciullacci Italian Pottery Vase Pitcher Jug

Fratelli Fanciullacci Italian Pottery Vase Pitcher Jug

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Fratelli Fanciullacci Italian pottery vase in like new condition. The exterior has a white pebbled glaze w hand painted floral multi-color graffito in blue, yellow, orange, lime green + red with gold gilt detail + a glossy red interior. Made approx btwn 1960-69. Marked “ITALY 300.” 11”T x 6.5”W.

Good to know: Pieces from the FF factory were rarely marked – except for some simply marked FF. Most will have nothing or simply “Italy” + a number.  

History! The Fratelli Fanciullacci pottery was established in Capraia Fiorentino in 1862 by Raffaello Fanciullacci (1803-1881). The company originally confined itself to making simple, utilitarian, table and kitchenware, jars, etc (stovigliere, in Italian). By 1880 the pottery’s name was changed from Ceramiche Capraia (with the figure of a wolf  🐺🐐 + a goat as its logo) to The Brothers (Fratelli) Fanciullacci.

In 1911 it was decided to move the operation from Capraia to the other side of the Arno River in Montelupo. They were such an immediate success that by 1914 the company had over 1,000 different molds thus making their range of offerings one the most appealing in the country + making them the largest employer in the area.

During these early years, the firm continued to concentrate on the manufacture of stovigliere, but slowly branched out into a rich repertoire of artistic products. They understood the pulse of both the Italian people + American consumer (the company’s main export destination. The brothers produced works in the latest styles as soon as they appeared. At the end of World War II, Colorificio, the parent company of Bitossi took control of Fratelli Fanciullacci, but allowed the family to operate the factory with very little corporate interference.

On November 4, 1966 the Arno River flooded. It was the worst flood since 1557. Many people died and many of the art treasures, ancient manuscripts and monuments of Florence were lost. In Montelupo Fiorentino, Fratelli Fanciullacci was hard hit. More than a 1000 priceless molds, many dating back to company’s founding in 1911, were lost. The kilns were destroyed, the raw clay inventory was wiped out, as was the company inventory of finished products destined for export to the U.S. The company closed down operations for more than a year. Without work, many of the firm’s most talented artists + craftsmen left the area to find work + new housing for their families.

Production and quality slipped dramatically in Montelupo after 1966 + this is the year given by collectors as the last of the Fanciullacci ceramics worthy of collecting. Fratelli Fanciullacci made a brave attempt to re-establish itself, but it never seemed to recreate that spark of artistic genius that allowed it to shine in the first half of the twentieth century. Fratelli Fanciullacci ceased all operations in 1988.

Please keep in mind, all of my items are vintage pieces. This means they are NOT new + most of my items are decades old. They may show natural signs of wear + age. I do my best to list any + all flaws in the item description. However, I may overlook small flaws. Please inspect all product photos before purchasing.

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