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Aluminum Tray w Handle

Aluminum Tray w Handle

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Everlast Forged Aluminum floral tray w handprint handle. Looks even more exquisite in person. 60+ yrs old. 6”H x 9.25”D. Bottom dish is 1.5”T.

History! When the Great Depression gripped the nation during the 1930s, demand for consumer products fell as many people struggled to get by in the faltering economy. Up to this point, silver had been the primary material used for creating fashionable housewares. With few buyers able to purchase silver products, manufacturers turned to aluminum. One of the most prolific manufacturers of aluminum giftware was the Everlast Metal Products Corporation of New York City.

Everlast founders Louis Schnitzer and his brother-in-law, Nathan Gelfman, were experienced metalworkers in their homeland of Kiev, Russia before immigrating to the United States in the 1910s.

In 1932, Schnitzer and Gelfman formed Everlast Metal Products Corporation + began producing high-quality, hand-forged aluminum giftware. Hammered aluminum giftware products were, at once, both “old” + “new.” In an era of growing uniformity via factory production, the “made by hand” aspect of these products held an aesthetic appeal for consumers, while their aluminum material made them seem decidedly modern.

Though their entrepreneurial journey came to an end in 1961, the founders experienced undeniable success during their company’s 30 year history to become one of the eminent manufacturers of aluminum housewares + giftware.

Please keep in mind, all of my items are vintage pieces. This means they are NOT new + most of my items are decades old. They may show natural signs of wear + age. I do my best to list any + all flaws in the item description. However, I may overlook small flaws. Please inspect all product photos before purchasing.

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